Australian rapper 360 has taken to his official Facebook page to share a powerful new track titled ‘I’m Sorry’, in which the Melbourne wordsmith reveals he was forced to postpone his 2015 Utopia tour because of an overdose.

I should be dead, maybe I got nine lives / Seven left, ’cause I’ve already died twice”, the rapper, whose real name is Matt Colwell, raps in the track, which features a sample from the xx track ‘Intro’.

Colwell then vividly details his addiction to codeine, which saw him taking “90 pills daily of Nurofen Plus”, to stave off withdrawal symptoms whilst on tour. The addiction eventually resulted in an overdose mid-tour.

The rapper describes how his tour manager found him convulsion on the floor before a gig after he took four packets of Nurofen Plus. He then spent a month in a detox centre and was placed on suicide watch.

The video has since amassed more than 6 million views and more than 182,000 likes. Commenting on the overwhelming response to the song, Colwell wrote, “The response to this video has been extremely insane and has left me speechless. Thanks so much.”

“As for some people commenting on the legitimacy of my story about what i was using,” he continues, “let me just explain, I was on a cocktail of prescription medication.. mainly 80mg oxycontin, xanax, valium and hypnodorm but also dabbling in heroin when i ran out of oxycontin.”

“I couldn’t get enough prescriptions of oxycontin to last me a whole tour so I had to fill my luggage up with Nurofen Plus as it is the only over the counter codeine you can get and the only way to prevent myself going into withdrawals.”

exactly 1 year ago i was on tour, something happened and i had to cancel the rest of the tour. This is what happened…

Posted by 360 onFriday, January 8, 2016