Axl Rose’s addition to the AC/DC lineup has been nothing if not controversial. Some fans are eager to see the Guns N’ Roses frontman take up the reins recently evacuated by longtime singer Brian Johnson, whilst others are demanding their money back.

As Tone Deaf reported earlier this week, some 7,000 Belgian fans who bought tickets to see AC/DC at Werchter Festivalpark later this month have taken up promoter Live Nation’s offer to refund the tickets of fans who aren’t keen on experiencing Axl/DC.

In an apparent attempt to stave off more of these refunds, AC/DC and Axl Rose have now made their first official public appearance together as a band in a video greeting to their fans in the Portugese capital of Lisbon, where AC/DC are set to play this weekend.

It was a fine strategy – send a personal message to your fans, make them feel special and appreciated, and hopefully they won’t feel like asking for their money back because they feel like they’re a part of one big, happy AC/DC family.

And the video certainly does that, if that family includes a trio of painfully awkward distant uncles (or let’s face it, grandparents) with whom you have nothing in common. The video, which you can check out below, is hard to watch on just about every level.

Seeing three mega-rock stars trying to feign excitement is about on par with Ricky Gervais’ most cringe-inducing moments in The Office and there’s something about Angus Young’s hand movements that makes you think “Just stop.”