Ever since A.B. Original and Dan Sultan released their fiery anti-Australia day rallying cry ‘January 26’, we’ve been waiting to see what they’d bust out for the inevitable video.

Having just wrapped up their keynote speech at BIGSOUND, the Indigenous hip hop crew of rapper Briggs and producer Trials have also pulled back the curtain on their new clip, one that serves to drive their message home even more clearly.

Just as the track took aim squarely at the idea of January 26 as a celebration, so too does the video, which features the trio patrolling the streets, arresting and interrogating a man carrying a pack of snags and wearing an Australian flag as a cape.

The divisive single is taken from the duo’s forthcoming debut album, Reclaim Australia, and features ARIA winner Dan Sultan on the hook, “You can call it what you want, but it just don’t mean a thing / You can come and wave your flag, it don’t mean a thing to me”.

The pair have been increasingly vocal about Australia Day of late, with Trials stating that Australian culture is “not about lamington recipes, it’s about massacres. It’s about colonialism and real-deal topics that you won’t read about. Instead you’ll go watch The Bachelor and tune the f**k out for a couple of hours.”

They also made their agenda very clear to us recently when they spoke to us ahead of their BIGSOUND talk, telling us,“We’re subtle like a sledgehammer. Being subtle and humble is what the oppressor wants. And we’re not about that.”