There have been plenty of times in the history of music when artists have had their work copied. Why, there’s the famous incident in which Coldplay were accused or ripping off Joe Satriani, or the time in which Coldplay were accused of ripping off Bring Me The Horizon’s artwork.

The point is, that if you make art, at some point there’s bound to be imitators. Such is the case of Byron Bay’s Skegss, who seem to have had their artwork ripped off by an international artist, and before you start wondering, no, it wasn’t Coldplay.

Back in October 2015, Skegss released their debut EP 50 Push Ups For A Dollar, consisting of five songs, with the EP’s artwork designed by both the band and their good friend/designer Jack Irvine. The artwork is a bit of a humorous attempt to bring flames back into fashion, and is purposely designed to have that amateur, homemade feel about it.

A few months later, US rapper Reese released his track ‘Do It’, a collaboration with well-known hip-hop artist Lil Yachty. The artwork for the single looks… well, a little similar.

No, you’re not seeing double, that’s Skegss’ EP on the left and the artwork to Reese & Lil Yachty’s ‘Do It’ on the right. While we’re not too sure if they could justify this by pulling a Vanilla Ice and saying they ‘changed it a bit’ with the inclusion of the parental advisory notice down the bottom, but we’re going have to say this one looks pretty blatant.

Reese’s Instagram post from last year which featured the artwork has even seen Skegss ask the rapper in question about the artwork theft, with the question “Why did you steal our artwork? Shit photoshop job.” being raised. Reese’s response was a pretty straightforward “1. I dont know who the fuck you are 2. I dont design graphic art … Cool story bro.”

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This probably means, as Skegss also said in their response on Instagram, that whoever is in charge of Reese’s artwork probably took some pretty heavy ‘inspiration’ from the Byron lads’ EP. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a resolution to this in the future, maybe with Skegss even being credited alongside Reese and Lil Yachty, in what will undoubtedly be the strangest collaboration in history.

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