On the same day that Blanco Brown was added to the C2C Australia festival line-up, it has also been confirmed that Drake White has had to cancel his upcoming Australian tour.

It was recently reported that White has been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder.

He has an “abnormal vascular formation in the brain” which constricts blood flow and he’s most likely had since birth called an arteriovenous malformation (AVM).

“It was basically stealing blood from my brain,” White told People.

“The neurologist told me that I should be thankful it was caught in time, because it could have caused a stroke.”

C2C Australia festival promoters TEG Live have confirmed that White will no longer perform at the event and and that the sideshows with Eric Paslay, Reverie Lane and Lacy Cavalier will also no longer go ahead.

The full statement from TEG live is as follows:

We regret to advise that unfortunately Drake White has cancelled his upcoming Australian tour as he is taking a break from touring to make a full recovery and get back to 100% having recently been diagnosed with arteriovenous malformation. As such his shows with Eric Paslay, Reverie Lane and Lacy Cavalier will not be going ahead as planned. We were excited to see Drake return to Australia but we understand his health is paramount and we’re sending him and his family some positive vibes for a speedy recovery. All ticket holders will be refunded in full and the venues will be in contact directly via email with further details.

The good news is White should make a full recovery.

He says “75 percent” of it has been knocked out and he could possibly be AVM-free by the end of this year.