Adelaide’s Stephanie Crase is a talented young lady to be sure.  Having honed her craft throughout her modest years with a plethora of local groups, You Can Have It All sees Crase’s first solo effort in which she plays all the instruments, and sings all the parts.

The opening track “Blue” understates a vocal performance that gains strength as the album progresses, though the chord progression is a very nice throwback to some ‘90s tones.

“Don’t Be Shy” combines slightly grittier whammed-up guitars over a slinky bass line and is one of the more engaging songs on the record.

“How Long Will The Wind Blow” features nice textures of slack vocal harmony and sparse percussion over a dirty country-esque bendy guitar lines, it is a delightful track.

The vocals are layered and a real asset throughout the album, breathless though not altogether effortless, the delivery is very brooding and echoing harmonies abound.  The textures of guitars cross between country twang, indie bends, and grunging fuzz.

There’s something of a slow-burn on this album.  It pleasantly drifts through dreamy melodies to more winding and gritty guitar noises.  Without anything truly reaching out to be deliberately different, Summer Flake will be an artist to watch, and with You Can Have It All easy summer-time listening is certainly assured.