David Crosby opened up Pandora’s Box when he criticised Phoebe Bridgers’ guitar-smashing SNL debut and she’s responded accordingly.

In what’s becoming the most unexpected – and hilarious – music-related beef of 2021 so far, David Crosby keeps trying to shit talk Phoebe Bridgers for some reason.

So for those who are unaware of how this odd little clash even happened, Bridgers made her SNL debut recently with a well received performance that ended with a guitar smash that wowed audiences.

While folks were loving Bridgers and her performance (as they should as she’s the fucking coolest), Crosby was at home clutching at his pearls (presumably) after watching what unfolded on SNL.

When a fan asked Crosby what he thought of Bridgers’ guitar-smashing performance, he responded with a simple “pathetic.” Naturally, Bridgers wasn’t about to let some old man dampen her SNL experience and she responded with the perfect clapback: “Little bitch.”

This little reply from Bridgers quickly got Crosby digging out all the pearls he owns just so he can clutch them because he subsequently went on a tweeting spree that would make a certain former US president green with envy.

First there was a spiel about how “guitars are for playing music” and not for “stupidly bashing them on a fake monitor for childish stage drama.”

Then there was a bit about how guitars “are not toys… or props…” and how those who have played them for their whole lives try to treat them with respect.

Perhaps Crosby was sensing he was losing the battle at this point because he then refocused his Twitter tirade back on Bridgers, writing how her SNL performance “wasn’t a very good night” because he “could not see it or hear it” due to the “skeleton costumes” before he jumped back on his anti-guitar smashing wagon.

To be honest, Crosby’s tweets started to meander at this point.

Afterwards, he decided to start responding to folks asking what he thinks of Bridgers and her music. To the surprise of no one, he isn’t a fan. Oh and he still hates guitar smashing.

After letting Crosby have his little guitar tantrum for a few hours, Bridgers finally responded with two words that immediately gave her the advantage (again) in this weird beef: “Whiny bitch.”

And just to pop a cherry on top, she then followed that up with “my tiny little baby arms are so tired from tweeting.”

No idea where this strange beef is going but it’s been entertaining as hell so far and here’s hoping Crosby keeps digging this hole he’s in because watching Bridgers take him to the woodshed over Twitter is bringing joy to everyone.