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Gidgestock Music Festival

Gidgestock Music Festival

Gidgestock is a family-friendly music festival held every October at the edge of the forest in the green, rolling hills of Gidgegannup, only 45 minutes from Perth.

All profits from the Gidgestock Music Festival are donated on a 50/50 basis to the West Gidgegannup Volunteer Fire Service and to the Leukaemia Foundation.

It is said that if you can remember Woodstock, then you weren’t really there. At Gidgestock, we have a better saying: Gidgestock, if you were there last year then you will never forget it.

It is a happier, friendlier, more relaxed version of Woodstock, with great bands, just like Woodstock, but without the half-naked hippies dancing in the mud. Thankfully.