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Outmoshyama Festival

Outmoshyama Festival

The universal language of music can best have its passion and emotion delivered live. I think we can all agree that when you are in an environment of like-minded individuals who are all eager to share the same experience, the overall potency of the music is somehow magnified.

The OUTMOSHYAMA Festival is one of the best examples of how this feeling is personified and performed. No gloss, no pretence, just awesome heavy music in a safe environment.

Like all things it started as just an idea, and that idea was brought to life in 2017 by the good people at Pulpitation Music Promotions - one of the most tireless and enthusiastic promoters currently circling the Australian heavy music scene.

It embodies everything that makes a good time with metal music. You walk in and everyone in the audience, including yourself, is waiting for the band to come out. Your heart beats a little faster in anticipation, adrenaline floods you as you hear the first note scream from the speakers, everyone around you erupts into movement and you know you will be sore from jumping up and down and screaming but in the end it's all worth it and you will be glad to do it all again.

As an all-ages event, OUTMOSHYAMA is looking at building an extended fan base with the youth of this nation while showcasing their talents at the same time, but it still has a licenced area for the adult members of the audience.

So let it be known, OUTMOSHYAMA Festival has a goal, and that goal is to be the best and most memorable good time the hard rock fan has all year. Onward and upward guys, the sound track to a good time needs heavy distortion. See you there next year!!