This future rock three-piece followed a hiatus in country Victoria with a move to Melbourne in early 2013, and the trio can now pack a Triple J-commended debut EP under their belts.

Clearly the decision to spend time improving musical nous and developing their sound has worked in the Hyperdrones’ favour, with a debut EP combining masterful vocals with a steady rock backing.

Opening strong with ‘Lockbox’,with the hook I’ll never tell/I’ll never tell anyone”, is delightfully catchy and one that you could imagine yourself mouthing along to after a couple of listens.

From here, the band launch straight into the second of five tracks, ‘Slow Down’, where a restrained and contemplative opening gives way to a thrumming rock track. This song landed at number one on the Triple J Unearthed rock charts, and it’s pretty straightforward as to why – even after one listen. Showcasing the talents of vocalist/guitarist Daniel Gilchrist and with equally solid backing from drummer Clarke Finn and bassist Matt Grave, this is a definite standout.

A quiet change from the previous two tracks can be found in ‘Ashamed’, with semi-ethereal musical stylings and a cruisy, floaty vibe throughout the chorus, while ‘Breathe’, the penultimate number, builds things back up.

The closer ‘Free Fall’ clocks in at just over five minutes and wraps the whole experience up nicely with super tight guitar and vocal before fading into what can (probably) be identified as ocean sounds. Overall, the collection is musically sound and well worth a listen.