Briggs has long been one of the most acclaimed names on the local hip-hop scene. But as far as he’s concerned, he’s only just about to make his mark on the Australian hip-hop landscape, and he’s going to do it by breaking new ground.

Briggs recently launched Bad Apples Music, Australia’s first ever all-Indigenous-owned national record label. Spearheaded by the Shepparton native, Bad Apples Music will provide opportunities, structure, and development for emerging and established Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists.

The label will launch with a roster of four acts, including Nooky, Birdz, Philly, and the A.B Originals (Briggs and Trials) and will christen the new project with a showcase on Friday, 2nd October in Sydney and Friday, 9th October in Melbourne.

“The label is a natural progression of ownership and empowerment,” Briggs tells Tone Deaf. “I’ve seen a lack of black voices on the landscape so I’m trying to change that. I told Suffa and Golden Era Records about my idea and they’re supporting me 100 percent.”

“Birdz, Nooky & Philly are artists that I’ve known personally for some time. The object of Bad Apples Music isn’t to have a roster of 100 artists, rather a small roster that we can manage closely. These guys are already working and making dope tunes so I feel I can help them get it to that next level.”

Briggs views the label as a change in the Australian hip-hop landscape overall and not simply a label serving a select roster of artists. “I think Bad Apples Music is a step in the right direction for hip-hop in Australia,” he explains.

“I love rap music and giving my brothers the same opportunities I was afforded with Golden Era Records makes me excited for the next wave of artists.” So what’s on for the next 12 months? “I’m putting these rappers to work. Trials and I will have the A.B. Original record out early next year.”