Despite sharing that he was “blacklisted” from triple j after a public feud, Aussie emcee Kerser’s song was played on the popular radio station yesterday. It’s a move that Kerser has slammed when he took fire at triple j in a social media tirade saying, “FUCK TRIPLE J” and that he “feels violated”.

After getting wind from some people that his song was broadcast on triple j, Kerser had a thing or two to say about the surprising move.

Emcee Kercer slams triple j

“Ppl keep sayin triple j played me yesterday .. dont do that triple j.. jus dont ! we dont service my music to you for a reason.. you blacklisted me for years then try and jump on the band wagon when the scene i helped mould starts poppin, dont jump on board now keep me blacklisted,” he began the passionate post on Facebook.

The rapper added: “fuck ur playlists to, you cant try block me blowing up then 10 years later realise im the man and jump on board. keep blockin me from the festivals, playlists and everything else you’ve done over the years to try fuck my career, it doesnt effect me… dont jump on the wagon now, its still FUCK TRIPLE J .. always will be.”

Opinions were divided in his comments section, with some users stating that the move was good exposure for him, with other fans backing Kerser and dissing triple j for playing his song.

“They’ll play you when it suits the current political agenda they’re trying to push. Gone from playing airy fairy stuff to drill stuff 🤣 full back flip,” commented one user.

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“Don’t pump your tyres up to much! It was one song that someone was requesting that liked your music. It sucks you don’t like triple j coz look what 360 and illy have done when they have got air time on there,” said another who believed having Kerser’s music played on a popular music station was good for his brand.

This week marks Requestival for triple j which sees listeners in control of every song that plays on the station between 6am-9pm, Monday 10 May through until Friday 14 May. The listener control is likely to be the reason Kerser’s song was played, but the rapper still isn’t impressed.

“Request week or not, I don’t want my music played at all, I feel violated lol,” he replied to a comment pointing out Requestival.

The Kerser vs triple j battle began way back in 2015 when the rapper featured a brief snippet of the ABC news theme on one of his tracks, apparently intended as a middle finger aimed at triple j, whom Kerser feels hadn’t given him enough airplay considering his youthful fan base.

“That sample has been cut up so I can’t get into any trouble for that,” he said. “I feel like I have been ignored by that station and the industry and they are meant to be playing music which appeals to youth. But they just won’t play it and I can’t put my finger on why,” Kerser said at the time to News Corp.

“If they checked out my shows or social media, they would realise that a lot of youth are into Kerser. I personally don’t think I need them when I have got to where I am and they have ignored me for this long. I can put a clip on YouTube and get 300,000 views.”

Latukefu, who hosts triple j’s The Hip Hop Show, then took to Twitter to point out that he had the divisive Kerser as a guest on his show.

“U only had me on that show coz u where spoken to by sum1 in my crew n u know it.u blacklisted me from day dot, ur loss LMFAO [sic],” Kerser wrote in response, to which Latukefu replied incredulously, “Are you for real?”

“Ive even told you face to face that your music may not connect with me, but I appreciate your hard work ethic,” Latukefu continued.

“Dont bluff bra, u no whats facts, i dont do this twitter shit.. dont talk to me [sic],” Kerser followed-up, to which Latukefu replied, “Ok, cool man. Well, you need to tell your PR that I’ve been talking to how you feel. See you out in the real world.”

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