The Australian rock scene is about to get the shake-up it’s been waiting for, with Port Macquarie’s King Coyote sharing their blistering new WILD EP today. 

Just a couple of years back, stars aligned and worlds collided in such a way that King Coyote was formed, pleasing the rock gods in the process.

With the quintet consisting of members from Port Macquarie, Forster, Newcastle, and Los Angeles, this cross-continental collective soon found themselves dishing out the tunes they were born to.

Having shared a few high-octane rock tunes over the last two years, the band had a bit of a quiet one in 2019, sharing only their single ‘Coca Cola’ in the lead up to the release of their new EP, WILD.

“We’ve taken a bit of time with this EP, enjoying the road, the band bonding, the late nights, the long nights and all the in-between, helping us get the songs to the point that represents us truthfully as a band,” explained vocalist Sunny Rowlands.

“It’s taken a couple of years, but it was worth the wait for us – it shows how far we’ve come and how far we can go.”

Produced by Michael Lynch (Jimmy Barnes, Midnight Oil, John Butler Trio), WILD is exactly the sort of release you’d expect from a powerful collective such as this. From the exhilarating ride that is opener ‘Running Wild’, to the dirty groove of ‘Moonlight Queen’, and onto the emotive closer of ‘Diamonds’, King Coyote are band who know exactly what they want, and exactly how to get it.

“The upcoming release of our EP WILD has got us sitting on the edge of our seats, it’s really exciting to see that we are making big steps as a band,” King Coyote explained. “This EP is going to be a great precursor to our upcoming projects as band as it provides a wide scope of what we can do as musicians.

Check out King Coyote’s ‘Moonlight Queen’:


“Starting off with ‘Running Wild’ we have been able to capture an authentic sound filled with an introduction into heavy riffs, drums and howling vocals. Following that we have our previously released single ‘Coca Cola’, we have found this song has tightened up our repertoire of songs and cuts to chase of rock and roll, a truly fun song to play!

“The third track on the release is ‘Moonlight Queen’, another song which we get a lot of love for when we play live, it just keeps the energy flowing, a fun song for the crowd to sing along to.

“Our last track on the EP is more of an intimate track for the listener, it shows another side of our sound as group, with big transformations throughout the song, it really reaches a new summit.

“We are amped-up for the release of WILD, but this is only the beginning of what’s coming!!!”

From start to finish WILD does exactly what it says on the tin, serving up ferocious riffs, powerful grooves, and wild vocals, combining in such a way that makes you wish you owned a motorbike just so you could be even half as cool as this EP.

If you’re loving what you’re hearing, King Coyote are set to hit the road later this year, performing a handful of shows in New South Wales and Queensland. In addition to support slots for Grinspoon, Thirsty Merc, and First Beige, you can also catch a pair of gigs in Port Macquarie as well.

Check out all the tour details below, and be sure to give the WILD EP a listen below ahead of its official release on Friday, November 1st.

Check out the WILD EP by King Coyote:

King Coyote QLD & NSW Tour

Friday, October 4th
(Supporting First Beige)
Moe’s Desert Clubhouse, Burleigh, QLD | 18+ |

Saturday, October 5th (Sold Out)
(Supporting Grinspoon)
Kingscliff Beach Hotel, Kingscliff, NSW (18+)

Friday, October 18th
(With Slippery Gypsees)
Finnians, Port Macquarie, NSW (18+)
Tickets on the door

Friday, November 1st
Art Of The Empire (acoustic), Port Macquarie, NSW (18+)
Tickets on the door

Saturday, December 28th
(Supporting Thirsty Merc)
Tacking Point Tavern, Port Macquarie, NSW (18+)