Fans had been lamenting the loss of Kyuss since the minute they broke up. When KYUSS LIVES last toured Australia fans spoke with resounding voice as we saw venues across the country whipping out the sold out sign in mere minutes.

Tone Deaf’s Anna Megalogenis wrote of the show: “From the moment Brant Bjork starts pummelling his skins, to opener “Spaceship Landing” the speakers are vibrating with an epic volume that is louder than fuck, just the way we need to hear influential stoner rock/metal pioneers Kyuss Lives, and the crowd are in for an unforgettable night.”

In what is sure to be a stunning send-off, KYUSS LIVES will perform under that name for the final time ever during their Soundwave performances in 2013, reunited with bassist Nick Oliveri just days after the former Queens Of The Stone Age bassist had (somehow) patched up differences with Josh Homme, contributing vocals to QOTSA’s forthcoming star-studded album.

Oliveri was temporarily replaced with Scott Reeder, one of the earliest Kyuss members, following lengthy court trials in which the troubled bassist narrowly avoided 15 years in jail following a domestic abuse case that got out of hand involving a SWAT team and a house arrest.

Oliveri originally joined former Kyuss member Brant Bjork in 2010 to promote co-founder John Garcia’s new solo ventures. But a series of litigation over the name, started by former members Scott Reeder and Queens Of The Stone Age linchpin Josh Homme, forced the band to rename the new incarnation as Kyuss Lives! (confused yet?)

Several more federal lawsuits, stop-start tours, and a whole mess of legal documents later let to a court ruling against John Garcia last month barring him from using the Kyuss Lives! moniker on any future recordings, with the trial’s judge even encouraging Garcia directly to consider a new name.

It seems Garcia has now taken his advice, as alongside Brant Bjork, Nick Oliveri and guitarist Bruno Fevery, they’ve announced their new musical project: Vista Chino, leaving their Soundwave performances as their last ever.

They are coming back to Australia giving thousands of grieving fans a chance to see them on two very special Sidewaves. Get ready as KYUSS LIVES will be here to fuck shit up and fuck you up. Consider the rest history.

To make the night even more unforgettable RED FANG are joining the party. They are determined to trample the feeble rock world with the force of an ill-tempered wooly mammoth. Their unique brand of humour, catchy song writing and independent attitude are sure to turn a few heads in 2013 and beyond.

Kyuss Lives! Soundwave 2013 Sidewaves



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