Lana Del Rey has recently played her first concert since news broke last week of a concertgoer’s supposed plan to kidnap the 32-year-old singer.

On Saturday, The Orlando Sentinel reported how 43-year-old Michael Hunt was arrested prior to Lana Del Rey’s recent concert in Orlando, Florida on Friday night.

According to police, Hunt was arrested after police received a tip about his behaviour. Reportedly, he was found with tickets to the singer’s concert and a knife, and had also posted a number of “cryptic and threatening” messages towards Lana Del Rey on Facebook prior to the performance. Hunt has since been charged with aggravated stalking with a credible threat, and attempted kidnapping with a weapon.

Following this news, Lana Del Rey took to Twitter to share a brief message and to thank her fans for their support. “Hey kiddos,” she wrote. “I’m doing fine thanks for the messages. And tomorrow we’ll be in Hotlanta can’t wait to see everyone.”

Now, as Billboard notes, footage has emerged of Lana Del Rey’s Monday night performance in Atlanta, where the singer once again addressed the recent incident and told fans that she was indeed feeling a little bit nervous before the performance.

“I am actually just feeling a little more emotional than I thought,” she shared with crowd while wiping away tears. “After what happened in Orlando, I just really wanted to be here with you guys tonight.”

Lana Del Rey continued to explain that she had been feeling “totally fine” in the lead up to the performance, but admitted she began to feel “a little bit nervous” as it got closer to the time of the performance.

She continued to thank fans for their support while also apologising to the audience in the event that she seemed a bit jittery during the evening’s performance. “I just want to say that I’m super happy to be with you guys and if I’m a little bit feathery, just bear with me.”

Michael Hunt is expected to go before the courts to face the charges brought against him sometime soon.

Check out Lana Del Rey’s ‘Lust For Life’:

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