The Corner Hotel will host a unique celebration this Friday when it celebrates the great Led Zeppelin with an exclusive show from an all-star one-off local band, re-living the 1972 Kooyong show track-for-track.

It’s 20 February 1972 and Led Zeppelin from London England, just four years into their fabled existence, are the global epicentre of hard rock; fusing metal, blues and folk to create the Hammer of the Gods. And for the first and only time, they play live in Melbourne at the Kooyong Tennis Centre.

A team of brilliant and talented original musicians have chosen to bravely get together and in a one-off performance celebrate the band that means so much to them, Led Zeppelin. Ash Naylor (Even) on guitar, Danny Leo (King of the North) on drums, Stephen Hadley (Tex Perkins) on bass, Bruce Haymes (Renee Geyer) on keyboards with guest vocalists Dave Larkin (Dallas Crane), Vika Bull (Vika & Linda), Pat Carmody (My Dynamite) and Talei & Eliza Wolfgramm.

The band will perform the entire Kooyong 1972 concert, followed by an extended selection of other Led Zeppelin favourites. No Led Zeppelin fan should miss this unique celebration. Max Crawdaddy will DJ on either side of the live performance and James Young is your MC.

For inspiration, we’ve put together a mixtape of the songs to be played this Friday, as well as some words about the rockers from those paying tribute to the great Zep this weekend.

‘Good Times Bad Times’ chosen by Pat Carmody
“Holy shit that’s like picking a favourite child, (even though I was clearly my mum’s favourite) it’s nearly impossible! I’m just going to throw ‘Good Times Bad Times’ out there. killer opening track on an incredible debut album. Genius from the get go! It’s got it all. Groovin’ riff work from Jimmy, melodic and sexy vocals from Robert and impeccable swagger from the greatest rhythm section of all time. If that song doesn’t put lead in ya pencil you’ve got problems.”

‘Rock N Roll’ chosen by Danny Leo
“I can’t pick just one, it’s too hard. However in this case I’ll pick one to talk about because we’ll be playing it at the Led Zeppelin Kooyong show at the Corner. That song is ‘Rock and Roll’ – probably the most famous drum intro ever, and outro for that matter. Every time I hear it, no matter what mood I’m it makes me happy and want to party. Brilliant solo by Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones wailing on the piano and of course Plant doing his this in straight up no gimmick song of pure rock and roll. Of course in true Zeppelin style, if you think it’s a simple song to play go and try it out.. it’s probably the most train-wrecked song of all time.”

‘Thank You’ chosen by Bruce Haymes
“Tough to pick just one and bypass ‘Tangerine’, ‘Levee Breaks’ and ‘Ramble O’n ( cheap way of including my other biggies!), but  ,ine is “Thank You”….Got all the things that made Led Zeppelin great…effortless swaggering power, finesse ( never heavy-handed) and a touch of other-worldly magic.”

‘The Rain Song’ chosen by Ashley Naylor
“It is impossible to pin it down to one track but ‘The Rain Song’ stands out as a favourite. Everything I love about Zeppelin is present in this epic tune. Great lyrics and vocal from Plant, great dynamic performance by the band. An anomoly of sorts as I think this might be one of the only (if not the only) album tracks on which  John Bonham uses brushes. Jonesy plays bass, mellotron and piano, Jimmy plays acoustic and electric to intoxicating effect. Wonderfully constructed piece of music. Beyond pop or rock, just Zeppelin at their beguiling prime.”

‘Immigrant Song’ chosen by Vika Bull
“My favourite song is ‘Immigrant Song’ – cause IT ROCKS! and I love Vikings.”

A Celebration of Led Zeppelin’s 1972 Kooyong concert and more

January 31st @ Corner Hotel
Tickets here

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