LOVELOVELOVE recently featured in our Get to Know series, and we clearly couldn’t get enough of them because they’re back with a track by track. 

The Brisbane duo released their new EP, ULTRAVIOLET, today, a collection of nostalgic indie pop gems that explore “the happiness, sadness, vulnerability, and joy that inherently comes from being human.”

All five intimate tracks share a common theme – relationships, whether it be with someone else or ourselves. “This EP is a way of articulating the things we feel and go through as humans,” they explain. “We can never be certain of what’s to come, but we can be certain that there is always a path to the positive outcome if you hold on to love. For us, this EP is part of that positive outcome, and we hope it can be part of the listeners’ too.” 

To celebrate the release of ULTRAVIOLET, we got the duo to break down each track in more detail, which you can check out below. They’ll then officially launch the EP at Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge on May 17th (tickets are available here). It will be the group’s first headline show, so expect them to put on an impressive show.


ULTRAVIOLET EP Track by track:


The title track is about growing with somebody in a relationship where time becomes the common thread; where you both go through the super highs and the lowest lows together, and by the end you still feel you want that as the core thing in your existence.

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The EP is named after ULTRAVIOLET because it embodies the core feelings and resolution to everything we felt during the making of the EP: love, excitement, anticipation, anxiety and trust. Despite all the complex feelings, it’s still a head-bobbing indie pop tune focused on making you feel alive.


“SWEATER” is a feel good, euphoric indie pop song about pathetically holding on to somebody after a breakup. Through witty & intimate lyricism it describes how still having the sweater of the person who no longer loves you simultaneously brings you comfort and emotional baggage.

The song’s production and melody is extremely pop focused, with catchy and memorable hooks focused on empowering the listener to be reminded that being alone is sometimes for the best, despite how we often justify being in relationships out of fear of loneliness. The song was written with indie folk artist This New Light (Samuel Ayling), who can be heard for the first time on this single outside of his usual folk genre on the second verse.

“HIGHWAY” (Interlude)

The interlude explores a darker, more sombre category of songwriting and production focused on embodying a time where we were struggling with mental health. Driven by lo-fi guitars and a raw falsetto vocal, the song paints the picture of feeling deeply lost driving home late at night, wishing and wanting things to change for the better – “will I always feel like this?”  On the EP, “HIGHWAY” acts as a reminder that we’ve come to a better place as a band, and that with time and healing, life and love are worth fighting for.


“CLOVER” is probably the most vulnerable track, and crafting it took our partnership as writers and friends to another level. Both of us are first generation South-African immigrants and have loved ones overseas and that comes with a whole plethora of baggage and complex emotions.

The song was born out of a time where we had both lost important people in our lives, and we couldn’t or didn’t know how to grapple with not getting to say goodbye. The name “CLOVER” came about when we were both reminiscing about our childhoods and joked about how we used to look for four leaf clovers in the hope of making a wish – which if we could wish today would be to have that time over again with people we lost.


The closing track is simply about learning to accept that everything – both good and bad – we’d gone through during the making of the EP (and in many ways our lives up to that point) was about perspective. The indie/bedroom style of production develops throughout the song to a more open indie rock tone, in many ways presenting the journey of learning that the best you can do is to just be honest and love yourself.

The song is about meditating on the philosophy that as we get older, we still deserve love, forgiveness, and that ultimately, we’re just human – and there’s good in that if you choose to find it. The strong groove and dynamic guitars drive the song to its conclusion, leaving the listener with a sense of positivity as it fades.

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