Father Mandek Penha has new musical vision for all Melbournians to exult in and below you will find some valuable information on this vision.


For three years now The Church of Sarrean Alignment have been spreading the word of The Father: Lord Mandek Penha! Mandek Penha’s live performances reach the hearts and minds of Melbournians through the beauty of music and moving image. With blistering synthesised glory and projected images The Father fills our hearts with joy and our minds with knowledge.


Last year Mandek Penha released an EP and video in Our Future: The Next Earthly Embodiment. Now Mandek Penha are releasing their second single Must Reach IMZ off their upcoming EP with influences such as composer Olivier Messiaen and songwriter Gary Wilson, Must Reach Imz is five minutes of dissonant beauty aiming to shed light on our Benefactors Beyond The Stars. More information on this particular subject can be found in the Sarrean Alignment Package attached; a document necessary to Mandek Penha and their most extensive undertaking.


The launch of their single and video marks the beginning at The Toff in Town in Melbourne as part of The Melbourne Fringe Festival. EveryMonday during September The Current Earthly Embodiment and His elite will address the community to educate and inspire!

But please note: all persons must be subjected to a compulsory cleansing process before entering Mandek Penha, and vice versa:

Monday 2nd Sept – DJ Lovely Clear Water / Cheeky Goose

Monday 9th Sept –  Dr. Jaffle / Prophets & Friends 

Monday 16th Sept –  Omega Power and The Yeast Masters / Nose Blood Catharsis

Monday 23rd Sept – Fire Cracker Barrel / Toxic Lipstick 

Monday 30th Sept – The Red Brigade / The Do Ya Thangs

Doors open at 8pm each week.