Just weeks after announcing their second full-length album, Melbourne’s Private Function have unveiled a jaw-dropping limited edition vinyl version of the record.

If you’re a fan of Victorian punk outfit Private Function, you’d likely be aware that they aren’t the sort of group to do things in a traditional manner. Why, the very fact they named their debut album after Metallica’s St. Anger is a testament to that fact.

However, when it comes to the packaging of their records, well, all sense of adhering to convention goes out the window.

Remember their Six Smokin’ Songs EP from 2016? What about when they reissued it as Live On Bin Night when they mixed in the sound of the garbage being collected, and shipped it with contents of their own bins? Or when they shared a limited edition version of St. Anger on an 8-Track cartridge? Needless to say, Private Function like to do things a bit differently when it comes to their record packaging.

Last month though, the group revealed the title and artwork of their second album, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Keeping in line with their outrageous behaviour, the album’s cover is a tribute to that classic fiduciary life-hack of folding a fiver so it looks like a whale is, uh, misunderstanding the word ‘blowhole’?

Private Function - Whose Line Is it Anyway?

As you might recall though, the group also put up a bunch of pre-orders for their new album, including what was labelled as a “mystery bag” edition of the record. Just what on earth is a “mystery bag” edition, you ask? And just why did it sell out in sheer minutes? Well, taking to social media today, Private Function have revealed that this limited edition of their new record is definitely one for the weekend listener.

“Here it is folks: the revealed Mystery Bag vinyl version of our new album Whose Line Is It Anyway,” the group wrote on Facebook.

“Remember those shirts we made that said ‘I Bought This Shirt So Private Function Could Have Money For SPEED and Booze’? We took your monetary contributions and turned them into a record with special bags of a special something pressed inside the vinyl.”

Yes, as per the band’s post, it appears as though the 50 limited edition versions of the new record are indeed packed with a special substance. They’ve been kind smart enough not to specify what exactly is packed into these bags (or if it’s actually legit), but either way, we feel it might be a perfect soundtrack to a classic 1994 movie from Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (or a successor to Hüsker Dü’s debut).

“These ones sold out in about five minutes and we couldn’t believe the SPEED at which they sold,” they continued. “If you were one of the lucky ones, keep in mind these copies are to be bought/shipped/possessed at your own risk.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time records of this nature have been sold. Why, Private Function just last month repressed St. Anger with a liquid filling inside the vinyl. However, unless that liquid was bought from a shady character on King Street, we doubt it’s quite in the same vein (so to speak).

Whatever the case, if you missed out on a copy of this version of the record, you might be hard-pressed to nab a copy. If you’re eager to grab one of the remaining coloured editions, you can still do so here. In the meantime, check out the group’s latest single, ‘I Don’t Wanna Make Out With You’.

Check out ‘I Don’t Wanna Make Out With You’ by Private Function: