Rolling Stone Australia is coming our way on May 4th, and for its debut issue, it looks like we are in for an absolute treat of a magazine. Why, this may just be the most perfect gift to buy yourself or others during this time of isolation.

The print edition of Rolling Stone Australia is very close to launching, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, what are you waiting for?

Given the fact we’re all going to be cooped up inside for quite some time thanks to COVID-19, you may want to acquire something to read that offers up some incredible exclusives, while allowing you to truly unplug and immerse yourself in the tantalising world of print and long form journalism.

And as of today, we can announce that the cover artist for May’s debut issue of Rolling Stone Australia is set to be Tones And I, a powerhouse Aussie artist who has smashed some massive records and paved her own way in the music industry with a unique sound.

In this eight-page cover feature, featuring exclusive photography by Giulia McGauran (GG McG) and a poster, Rolling Stone Australia spent time at Tones’ home, met with her friends, and was a fly on the wall backstage at one of Australia’s biggest festivals.

Check out the cover of Rolling Stone Australia’s debut issue:

In their deep-dive into the phenomenon that is Tones And I, Rolling Stone Australia takes a privileged look inside the world of an artist whose rise to fame is yet to be – and may never be – eclipsed. This edition of the magazine is going to be the one that your coffee table will proudly present at the top of the pile.

Rolling Stone Australia launched online on February 3rd, and are keen on bringing their print edition to your homes in May. Much like the sister magazines over in the US, you can expect the Aussie edition to be just as iconic, but tweaked to have a focus on what’s happening in the ever-expanding world of Australian music.

If you’re eager to get your hands on the debut issue of Rolling Stone Australia when it launches of May 4th, then now is the time to sign up for a subscription. Serving as a must-have addition to any self-respecting music fan’s collection, a cherished gift, or even some timely self-isolation reading, folks can subscribe to the quarterly magazine now.

Whether you’re just a fan of music, you’re a supporter of the local music scene, or you enjoy the thrill of print and long form journalism, then Rolling Stone Australia is exactly what you need. Click on the link below for more information regarding our subscription service.


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