Satyricon and Cadaver guitarist Anders Odden has revealed that he was diagnosed with colon cancer back in October, and is set to undergo surgery this week.

Posting to Instagram, Odden noted that a clip of Motorhead drummer Mikey Dee raising money for cancer charities inspired him to share the news, something that he had originally not planned to do until after the operation.

“Getting this video was very touching and made me want to share it with you to raise money for cancer research,” he said.

“I was diagnosed with colon cancer on October 3, 2019. Since then I have done chemotherapy to shrink the tumour down so I can undergo surgery.

“The surgery date is set to January 6. The doctors have told me that everything will go as planned and that I will get rid of this cancer. It’s a tough journey, but I am ready. Have a happy new year and I will see you when I am through.”

Check out the video below, which features his full statement and some friendly Swedish chatter.

Satyricon has been a core part of the renowned Norweigan black metal scene for the better part of 30 years, with Odden joining the fray in 2009. Since then he has released two records with the group, most recently Deep Calleth Upon Deep in 2017.

Check out the band performing live with an operatic choir


Meanwhile, Odden’s other project Cadaver is expected to release a new record this year.

Survival rates of colon cancer have been steadily rising over the past few decades, with screenings and treatment now more effective than ever before.

Thing’s are looking positive for Odden, but we wish him all the best, regardless.

Check out Cadavers latest single Circle Of Morbidity below