Eminem has been called “disgusting” and “pathetic” after rapping about the Manchester Arena bomb attack in 2017.

“I’m contemplating yelling bombs away on the game like I’m outside an Ariana Grande concert.”

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Twitter is pissed off, and people are calling for the rapper, who is arguably the best rapper of all time to be cancelled.

Eminem Cancelled

Who cares if he helped raise £2million to support the victims of Manchester? Metaphors and Similes are the devils work and have no place in woke culture 2020.

So, in light of this, we’d like to thank you hip hop. You had a good run, we had fun, but you’re officially done, Twitter said so. Please don’t come back here anymore with your controversial use of the English language.

From now on, we’re only listening to AC/DC and Panic! At the Disco. We are safe listening to their music while still feeling 13% naughty. They have attitude, but they have safe attitude – you could learn a thing or two from them, Mr and Mrs hip hop.

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Here are some lyrics to remember you by, and a reminder as to why you are cancelled.

“Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade“ Biggie

“30 rounds clips / And I’m strapped like the Taliban” Lil B

“In the hood summer time is the killing season
It’s hot out this bitch that’s a good ’nuff reason
I’ve seen gangsta’s get religious when they start bleeding
Sayin “Lord, Jesus Help Me” cause they ass leaking“ 50 Cent

“Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong
Lochness, Goblin, Ghoul, a zombie with no conscience
Question what do all these things have in common?
Everybody knows I’m a motherfucking monster“ Jay Z

“Went from making tuna sandwiches to making the news
I started speaking my mind and tripled my views
Real bitch, only thing fake is the boobs“ Cardi B

“We been through it all yet we both still livin’
We been in a box but we both still spittin’
And when there was beef you even played your position
Got under the seat until we spotted our victim
At first they wouldn’t listen to they heard you go off
Remember it was broad daylight in the middle of New York
And little did they know we was ready for war
Bet that N*** wished he’d never stick his head out the door“ Young Buck

“But how dare you try to take what you didn’t help me to get
You selfish bitch; I hope you fucking burn in hell for this shit
Remember when Ronnie died and you said you wished it was me?
Well guess what, I am dead —dead to you as can be!” Eminem

Wow…..it seems Eminem is prophet. He is dead now in 2020, he must of knew.

RIP Eminem and hip hop.

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