Rolling Stone recently unveiled a countdown of what they believed were the ’40 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time’, which really upset a lot of people, since it had many notable omissions such as The Clash’s groundbreaking double album London Calling.

However, what we were most perturbed by was the fact that the list did not feature a single Australian band or artists. It’s a shock, given that Aussie band The Saints were among the first to transmute the proto-punk sounds of bands like The Stooges into what we now know as punk rock.

Meanwhile, the ABC’s recently unveiled compilation album Stranded – The Chronicles Of Australian Punk gave listeners a pretty good summary of the Aussie punk rock movement, but it too had a couple of issues. Namely, there were no female acts featured.

In the interests of giving Aussie (and international) music fans a more concise and inclusive essential history of the local punk scene, we threw together a list of albums we think any self-respecting Aussie punk fan should have in their collection.