The Flaming Lips are one of the world’s most intriguing bands. With a history of releasing some pretty mazing music, they’ve stepped up their game over the years and started to sell a wide variety of other items as well, including records filled with blood, a gummy skull with music inside, and now, soap in the shape of a foetus.

Taking to Instagram, the group’s frontman Wayne Coyne announced the release of a new merch item. Called the ‘Everyone You Know, Someday, Will Die: Soap And Soap Dish’, the item in question is a bar of soap in a soap dish, which just so happens to have the shape of a foetus. Surely a stark commentary on the futility of existence, the soap also shares its name with a line from their famous song ‘Do You Realize??’.

As Coyne’s post says, the soap is “hand made with Shea Butter and Goats Milk with Honeysuckle and Fruit Loops scents and Skull soap dish is hand poured red resin.” The soap also comes with a book which is apparently “about the truth and lies of modern taboo subjects like having orgies and taking drugs”, written by counterculture author Robert Arthur. Coyne has reportedly been at work on this soap for a number of months now, which would explain the level of excitement he has shared in his post.

While the chances of Aussie fans getting their hands on this kooky piece of musical memorabilia are slim at best, we can still hope that by the time The Flaming Lips embark on their next Aussie tour, they’ve got something even better. In the meantime, let’s revisit the song that gave the soap it’s name, their home state of Oklahoma’s one-time official rock song, ‘Do You Realize??’

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