Trophy Eyes need no introduction by now. With critically acclaimed albums and a multitude of bands who already call them an inspiration, it is very clear the band have solidified their spot in the rock and punk scenes.

The band have proven themselves to be eclectic and well-versed in the happenings of the music world time and time again, always fusing a vast mix of influences into their own tunes.

But who inspires them? Who are they rooting for in the world of music? Thankfully these questions will not go unanswered for much longer, as Trophy Eyes have kindly revealed to us the three artists they’re absolutely obsessed with at the moment.

From the fiery ferocity of Pagan to the rapping talents of XXL Freshman YBN Cordae, Trophy Eyes definitely have taste, and want you to know that if you haven’t been checking out these artists, you’re really just missing out.

We asked Trophy Eyes how exactly they always manage to keep their fingers on the pulse, always finding all these incredible artists. They told us that they use Instagram to help in the process, finding inspiration from artists that share awesome and unique visuals.

“When we find new music, it’s quite often through eye-catching content rather than the music itself and then it falls into that deep dive and wanting a further understanding of the artist and what they’re about. It really revolves around the world built around them and finding that interesting. Each of us are different though.”

Here are Trophy Eyes’ three latest obsessions below.

Pagan @pagancult

Initiation is in order if you have not yet joined the dark cult of Pagan yet.

The band are ferocious, fiery, and full of energy, and have even performed alongside Trophy Eyes on a few occasions.

As self-confessed metal outcasts, Nikki Brumen leads Pagan with a power that cannot be challenged. For real, just pick any song off of their last project and bear witness to the cultish glory.

“Pagan’s stage presents always blows me away, heaps of raw emotion and fucking sass. They’re one of the last real punk bands I’ve seen in the last few years,” said Floreani.

BLESSED @blessedtunes

BLESSED is not only a fashion icon in his own right, but also a musical prodigy, who makes alt-rock tinged with hip hop sensibilities. Yes, it exists, and yes, it’s absolutely amazing.

This multi-talented Sydney-based artist has been rising to the spotlight, and now it’s his time to shine.

It’s just great to know that he’s also got Trophy Eyes rooting for him in the meantime.

“Blessed is a super talented and unique Australian artist. Everything he seems to do creatively and musically always catches our attention.”

YBN Cordae @ybncordae

YBN Cordae has had a huge year. He made a song with Chance The Rapper, was chosen for the XXL Freshman class of 2019, and has also released a highly successful album titled The Lost Boy.

Not to mention the fact he’s also followed by the likes of Erykah Badu and Rico Nasty. So yeah, he’s a big deal.

“YBN is the perfect harmony of classic hip hop with where it’s at currently, and what it’s progressing to, and it’s all done really well.”

Trophy Eyes have been recently touring their terrific 2018 album The American Dream, and are looking to release some new tunes real soon.

In the meantime, you can watch the vid for ‘You Can Count On Me’ below.