Nu metal stalwarts Trapt have confirmed that they’ve given polarising vocalist Chris Taylor Brown the flick over his far-right views.

As NME report, the band took to Parler to announce that they have “officially parted ways” with the butt rock meathead.

“Unfortunately, there were some view points that were said that we do not agree with and it was negatively impacting the rest of the band. We wish him well and hope he can find the help he needs,” Trapt wrote.

“To our fan (sic): Thanks you for the support that you have all given us through these times. We will now be focusing on only provided updates for the band on our social media accounts. You may still find his views and opinions on his accounts.l, if you wish.”

“To the “trolls”: We have heard you and are sorry we allowed this to go on for so long. We would like to start fresh and hope you can forgive us and take another chance at listening to our music in the future.”

In a succulent turn of events, it seems as though Brown wasn’t forewarned of his sacking ahead of the announcement. The ex-frontman took to the post to share a few choice words with his former bandmembers.

“Wow… Are you kidding me?! What the fuck do the pussies think they are going to be able to accomplish without me? They are going to have to change their name. Good luck finding another singer as good as me! Stupid bitches!,” he wrote.

He continued, “Pussies! I will sue every single one of you bitches!”.

The Trapt saga has been a long and wild one. Last month, the band threatened war against the big tech oligarchs after Facebook deleted their account for “violating community standards.”

Throughout the course of 2020, Chris Brown used the band’s social media platforms to disseminate his pro-Trump views. The Trapt account was barred from Facebook after sharing a post that aligned with the far-right group Proud Boys.

“For posting this pic … Facebook has completely deleted the TRAPT FB account,” Brown wrote on Trapt’s Twitter account after their profile was removed. “They said don’t use the phrase ‘Proud Boys.’ I specifically told FB trapt fans that I could not say the name. I will be suing Facebook.”

It didn’t take too long for Brown’s rampant brain worms to get him kicked off Twitter following a slew of tweets that advocated for, uh, statutory rape.

Brown took to Twitter to spew garbage defending the relationships between teachers and minors.

“I don’t call a 24-year-old woman who takes advantage of a 15-year-old-boy who is entirely through puberty a pedophile,” Brown tweeted. “A 15-year-old male and a 25-year-old female is not pedophilia, you fucking moron,” the band continued.

“Oh I would be giving the kid high fives! Only if the teacher was hot though.”

Good riddance.