Just last week Cut Copy released and performed Oceans Apart, an epic 19-track DJ-mixed snapshot of Melbourne’s underground dance music scene and now the band have released a short documentary on the rising electronic-based culture within the city to accompany the record.

Directed by Thomas Pollard, the 12-minute doco follows leading Melbourne artists, Andras Fox who chats on the importance of Australianism in our music, NoZu on their origins and creating fake genres and Sleep D on making music and running their own label.

In addition to this, Oceans Apart documentary sees the guys from the notorious Animals Dancing explain how they grew from a bunch of friends wanting to throw gigs, to one of Melbourne’s best dance party crews in town.

Pollard perfectly encapsulates the effortlessly cool vibe that surrounds this growing giving a brief, yet very insightful glimpse of the underground dance revolution.

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As Dan explains, “A large part of the idea behind the Oceans Apart compilation was a desire to capture this moment in Melbourne’s dance music evolution. And half way through working on the mix, I thought it would it would be great to work on a video documentary that explores the backgrounds, lives and thoughts of some of the unique artists involved, in the hope of painting a broader picture of what Melbourne’s current scene is about. So that led me to ask director Thomas Pollard to follow some of the artists around over a period of months, and this short film is what eventually came back.”

Check out the full 12-minute Oceans Apart documentary below: