The Sydney band scene in the 2000s ushered in a bit of a renaissance for Aussie bands, as a swathe of talented acts took the country and the world by storm.

Dappled Cities were a part of this huge wave, first emerging on the local scene in the early ’00s, dropping albums and picking up ARIA nominations throughout the decade.

Looking back at that incredibly fertile time, they’ve picked the ten bands they “grew up with” in the Sydney scene that defined an era of Australian music.

Have a look at what Dappled Cities said about the ten best bands that defined the beautiful decade of the 2000s in Sydney.


“Gerling swiftly ushered us out of the ’90s with what is still my favourite Australian record.”

Red Riders

“Ahhhh Red Riders. I think they’ll go down in history as THE quintessential Sydney band of the 2000s.”

The Presets

“These guys managed to be much less daggy than everyone else. Quote unquote fashionable. The Modular/BMW touch.”

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The Vines

“Dappled was playing an industry showcase early in ‘01, but no industry came because some ratty band called The Vines was also playing that night. We didn’t understand. Do now.”


“A band so cemented into this decade because just about every Sydney-based instrumentalist got to have a run at the big time.”

Mercy Arms

“Every press release they ever did had those two magical words “bidding war”. They turned ‘05 hype into an art form.”


“You really can’t go past the original lineup. Made “wolf” a thing.”


“This radically down-to-earth band really steered the Sydney indie rock ship. Harmlessly influential.”

Van She

“Van She was to Bang Gang what Dappled Cities was to tinned tuna.”


“My lasting impression of this decade is that everyone just wanted to be like Spod.”