In the wake of the blink-182 Great Pronunciation Debate, where Mark Hoppus, James Corden, Tom DeLonge, and more weighed in with their hot takes, we at Tone Deaf have been inspired to look back through some of Mark Hoppus’ greatest twitter triumphs.

We have spent our time scrolling (procrastinating) through the grandest twitter on the internet, and have delivered you some hot takes that will spice up your life.

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Check out some of the greatest Mark Hoppus tweets:

1 – His opinion on the pronunciation of blink-182

2 – On being away from his family

3 – On voting in America

4 – On ‘cacti’…

5 – On the joy of Halloween

6 – On how to intelligently bully small children

7 – On mental health

8 – On the fleeting nature of life

9 – On moth memes

10 – On friendship!

11 – On peaceful morning rituals

12 – On Disney classics

13 – On some interesting song lyrics…

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