Daft Punk’s robotic visage has become as an important facet of their popular appeal and ‘cool factor’ as their tunes (even driving fans gaga over recreations of their helmets) with their gold and silver domed headgear having long been synonymous with their music. But that wasn’t always the case, many years before they tore up the very same electronic dance blueprint they helped draft – with their latest album, Random Access Memories – The Robots were indeed ‘Human After All’. It’s common knowledge that the men behind Daft Punk are Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo, but the true identity of the French pair is something that they’ve done their best to keep hidden. We’ve done some snooping and collated a collection of rare unmasked images so you can take a peek at the faces beneath the helmets of Bangalter (the silver one) and Homem-Christo (the gold one).