It’s the stuff of rock n roll folklore that Sting has long lasting stamina in bed, much like Van Halen’s brown M&Ms and The Rolling Stones building their studio around a junked-out Keith Richards. Some even go as far to say that frontman for The Police can last up to 24 hours using the power of yoga and tantric techniques.

The story began after a journalist got himself a rather colourful interview with Sting and Bob Geldof some 21 years ago. After heavy drinking the questions became more brazen culminating in the age-old question, ‘how do you perform in bed?’. Geldof apparently jokingly remarked to the journo that he was a ‘three-minute man’ in the sack, whereas his friend could last for hours thanks to his affinity to yoga.

Sting is said to have replied “Well, haven’t you heard of tantric sex?” but whether this was said in jest is up to interpretation. However proving once again that nothing should get in the way of a good story Sting’s next remark was most likely extrapolated upon by the eager writer looking for a good story thus beginning the myth of Sting’s lovemaking prowess.

Well today that rumour is put to rest conclusively. How do we know? Because his wife says so. Opening up in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, Trudie Styler finally put the rumour to bed (excuse the pun) saying “Him and Sting had gone to do an interview with a rock journalist, and the interview turned into a drinking session.”

She continued “At one point, the journalist asked how long they could go for, and Geldof said that he was a three-minute man, but, as Sting did yoga, he could probably go for hours.At the time I thought it was very amusing but then it sort of became a cause celebre.”

“The tantric hours got extended and, suddenly, I was doing it all day long. Well, if only! Sting said that 21 years ago. He has just turned 60, and I imagine it will carry on going until he drops.” We’re still outraged however that no one has taken to task Geldof for his claim he can last three minutes. Pull the other one Bob.