We’re all for a fun time with your mates, so we’ve made this countdown of ten Australian songs you should definitely listen to when sinking a beer the best!

8. Pist Idiots – ‘Roundhouse’

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This epic guitar-fuelled number features a hilarious tongue-in-cheek sport based videos. Watch the Sydney boys having a fun time.

7. TOTTY – ‘Lucky’

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‘Lucky’ is an epic example of this great Aussie rock band to listen to.

6. TOWNS – ‘Safe to Stay’

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It’s safe to say TOWNS have been copping a triple j saturation, but, it certainly is well-deserved. The Adelaide rockers aren’t slowing down any time soon, and rumour has it their live show is of an utmost-high quality.

5. The Chats – ‘Identity Theft’

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These boys went gangbusters when they released ‘Smoko’ – the timely reminder of an all-important period for lots of people. Now, they return with ‘Identity Theft’, and it’s one you just have to watch the video for. Go on then!

4. Matt Corby and Tash Sultana – ‘Talk It Out’

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The dream collab, right? Yep. The internet was dying to hear this become a reality, and, well, it did. Taking influence from the sounds of both artists, ‘Talk It Out’ is a super important track RN. Give it a spin.

3. The Vanns – ‘Mother’

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The departure of a band member can sometimes be something tough to grapple. But, The VANNS have moved onward and upward graciously with a somewhat new sound, and it’s payed off.

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2. Ruby Fields – ‘Trouble’

It’s no secret we love Ruby Fields. Whether she’s taking over triple j Breakfast hosting duties, releasing a banger-heavy EP, or being an all-round legend, there just isn’t much better than Ruby Fields.

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1. Ocean Alley – ‘Infinity’

We’re ever-grateful for the constant churning of absolute hit after hit from ’em.

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