If there’s one man you do/n’t want reading your children their bedtime stories, it’s our very own Prince of Darkness, Nick Cave, however it looks like this nightmare may become a reality.

In the most wicked of pairings, a Melbourne artist by the name of DrFaustusAU has turned Cave’s 1994 hit, ‘Red Right Hand’ into a Dr. Seuss book, and it’s amazing, as FasterLouder reports.

Posting the incredible work to Deviant Art, DrFaustusAU has produced a storybook that paints the gloomy picture of the fan-favourite song from Let Love In, with the lyrics as the storyline, the illustrations depicting a young boy out at night who meets the one and only, man with a red right hand.

There ain’t much more we can see of this masterpiece except check it out below and be sure to head over to the artist’s Deviant Art and appreciate his outstanding artwork, oh and before you read the story – hit play on the YouTube link embedded of ‘Red Right Hand’ so that you’ve got Cave’s spooky baritone to lead you through the pages.