A sketchbook used by Radiohead whilst penning their cult second album The Bends has sold at an auction for £5,000 (around $8,891 AUD.)

The band left the book behind following rehearsals in an Oxfordshire barn in way back 1994. It features sketches and chords for beloved tracks from the record. Including lyrics to unreleased tracks ‘Too Easy,’ ‘Idiot Boy,’ and ‘Dead Band Clerk.’

“The sketchpad gives an insight into a crucial period in the group’s history,” says Paul Fairweather, an auctioneer at Omega Auctions.

In a statement provided to the auction, the anonymous seller explains that he provided the band with sound system and instruments for the session.

“When the sessions were over I went to retrieve my equipment and clear out the room,” he explained. “The A2 sketchpad had been left with some carpeting that had been used as acoustic treatment.”

“I was informed that anything remaining in the room was not required by the band and should be thrown away or kept by me if I so wished. I kept the sketch pad.”

A 1960 Fender P-bass guitar that was used by Colin Greenwood to record ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ was sold in the same auction for £6,000 (roughly AUD $10,675.)

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