A new short documentary about the legendary AC/DC has been released. The doco features interviews with several members from the bands early lineup, many of those have never told their story on camera before.

Noel Taylor, who drummed for the band in 1974, gave his first video interview — delving into the origin story of Angus’s decision to perform in a schoolboy outfit, as well as performing on the first known live recording of the band.

Bassist Rob Bailey also worked with the band in 1974, on his first video interview, Bailey explores the filming of the bands first video clip ‘Can I Sit Next To You Girl’, and the recording sessions of the band’s debut record, High Voltage.

There’s an incredible interview with a session drummer that worked with the band on the recording of High Voltage, who sounds like a minor protagonist from The Sopranos. It’s a joyous revelation knowing that the man behind the drum kit on one of this countries most iconic rock album is called Tony Currenti and for the past 45 years he’s been working at his pizzeria. You can watch the documentary below.

In other news, a Youtuber recently developed a computer program built to generate the perfect Acca Dacca song. The program — ingeniously named AI/DC — has produced a very convincing AC/DC song, ‘Great Balls’.

It doesn’t quite fill the void in our souls propelled by a six-year absence of new music from the band, but it’s a lot of fun.

“I put all the lyrics of AC/DC into a bot and asked it to write a song,” YouTuber Funk Turkey, explains. “This is what it wrote.”

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