If this morning’s news of a potential Australian expansion for the UK’s Download Festival wasn’t enough to melt the face of your inner metalhead, you may want to take a peek at former Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah’s latest round of tweets.

According to the outspoken local industry stalwart, Australia could have “three new rock festivals next year“. We already know about a potential Download leg and the crowdfunded Legion Music Festival, so what’s the third?

Well, according to Maddah’s sources, Europe’s Sonisphere festival are eyeing an expansion into the Australian market. Again, not surprising considering the gaping hole left by the departure of festivals like Soundwave and Big Day Out.

Whilst details are obviously scant, Maddah did manage to offer some odds on any of these festivals making their way Down Under, saying it’s “100% that we’ll get 1. 50% that we’ll get 2. 25% that all 3 happen.”

Naturally, one has to take these figures and indeed any speculation with a grain of salt. When asked for a source, Maddah simply replied “me”, though tweeted that he would be “happy to help” with Sonisphere’s expansion if asked.

Responding to one fan who felt despondent at the fact that an Australian-owned mega-festival no longer seems sustainable, Maddah replied, “Aus owned mega festivals are near impossible now. Global buying power will beat locals every time.”

Of course, any push into the Australian market will have to contend with our country’s infamously prohibitive dollar, which makes staging festivals and concerts, particularly international touring shows, frustratingly difficult.

Regardless, if Sonisphere does indeed launch an Australian leg, we could be seeing festival lineups topped by the likes of Slipknot and Iron Maiden (previous years’ European headliners) appear in Australia once again soon.

Sonisphere does not currently have any 2016 events scheduled and the 2015 instalment was cancelled in January last year after organisers claimed they couldn’t get a lineup they deemed suitable for the event in time.

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