Following 2017’s stunning break-up EP Honey, Where Is My Home, Australian-born Sweden-based artist Hazlett is back with another, full of thought-starters and tender moments.

On Thundering Hopes, produced by Freddy Alexander, Hazlett covers heartbreak, friendship and self-assessment – a stunning collection best ingested without distraction.

Hazlett said of the EP: “It’s about those moments when you move on and feel normal again. The times when you live a little reckless. The way you bury certain feelings to protect yourself.

“Nights when you wonder if it’s okay to be selfish and mornings when you notice nothing’s a waste of time. It’s a collection of stories about fumbling your way to feeling good again and how living’s never perfect, but you can make it pretty.”

Stream Hazlett’s new EP Thundering Hopes below, then read up on why the staff here at Tone Deaf love it so much.

Check out Hazlett’s new EP Thundering Hopes

On Thundering Hopes, Hazlett shows us why he’s one of the most promising names on the Australian music scene. Creating joyful numbers which manage to tap into our emotions all while keeping us singing along, this EP isn’t just one to chuck on for a casual listen, but one to look deep into as you appreciate all the tender musical layers that make up this phenomenal release.
– Brittany Jenke

It’s been a few years since we heard a full EP from Brisbane’s Hazlett, but he’s not slowed down one bit in that time, with plenty of singles preceding the release of Thundering Hopes. Collecting these singles and more, the EP is a masterful piece of electronic indie-pop, with soulful vocals leading exuberant, yet nostalgic compositions which feel tailor-made for that new and exciting chapter in your life. At a time when everything feels dull and lifeless, Thundering Hopes is the breath of fresh air we so desperately need.
– Tyler Jenke