If Dave Grohl ever decides to throw in the towel on Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper is ready to step in as frontman.

The shock-rock icon recently sat down with Atlanta’s 100.5 radio station in an interview that saw him delve into his admiration for Foo Fighters and Nirvana. When asked if there were any band, other than his own, that he’d be down to front, Cooper looked no further than the Fooeys.

“I think probably the Foo Fighters. Only because they’re exactly… When they do my songs, they do it exactly like the band. I mean, it’s amazing. I’ve done a bunch of things with the Foo Fighters, and a lot of their influence was Alice Cooper,” he shared.

Foo Fighters and Alice Cooper have graced the stage together numerous times throughout their respective careers. Fooeys have even taken to covering Cooper’s ‘Under My Wheels’ during live sets.

“The guys in the band, they said they learned how to play listening to our early albums. So when I go up on stage with the Foo Fighters, they nail my songs — they do ’em exactly the way they should be done. So I’d probably be in that band, if they ever needed a really sick lead singer.”

Cooper went on to praise both Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins’ unmatched drumming flair: “First of all, they’ve got the two best drummers. People keep forgetting that Dave Grohl… The first time I saw Nirvana, I looked right past the first two guys, and I said, ‘Who’s this drummer?’ ‘Cause he was really good; he stuck out.

“And I said, ‘If that band ever breaks up, I’m going for that drummer.’ … I went up and did a couple of songs with [Taylor Hawkins’s] band also. And he is really something. Hawkins is the Energizer bunny”

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Alice Cooper released his 28th studio album, Detroit Stories, back in February. Check it out below.