Amyl and the Sniffers have announced a special livestream performance to mark the release of their new album, Comfort to Me. 

The raucous Melbourne punks released their second studio album on September 10th, the follow-up to their excellent self-titled debut, a number 22 hit on the ARIA Album Chart in 2019.

The album has been earning rave reviews, with Pitchfork stating that “on their second album, the Australian quartet expands into a Colossus-sized version of itself. Everything feels bigger, heavier, and more meaningful.” In a four star review, NME wrote that the album is “louder, sillier and at times more introspective than its predecessor, showing a more versatile side to the band. Though it still feels as fiery and spontaneous as [self-titled debut LP] ‘Amyl & The Sniffers’, this album’s raging pace is coupled with a darker introspection.”

Check out ‘Guided by Angels’ by Amyl and the Sniffers:

Now the band will drop a film next month to celebrate their latest record. The pre-recorded piece will see them play the full album in just one take, “on a slab of concrete in a suburban wasteland somewhere in Melbourne.” The livestream will take place on October 5th across multiple time zones depending on the viewer’s location. Tickets and full details can be found at Noon Chorus.

The band confirmed on Instagram that, with Melbourne still in lockdown, this will be the only way to see their album played live. Amyl are due to tour in the U.K. and Europe in the coming months.

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Considering the quality of the music videos for the singles from Comfort to Me, it should be a worthy watch: ‘Guided by Angels’, ‘Security’, and ‘Hertz’ each had stirring clips directed by PHC Films, made across several Melbourne landmarks.

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Check out the teaser for the Comfort to Me livestream: