Poor ‘ol Sydney. Not only does it have to suffer the ignominy of Melbourne being the live music capital of Australia, even when it gets another decent live music destination happening in a convenient location, the club is forced to cease trading as a live music venue.

Alas, Tone Bar on Wentworth Avenue is to cease trading in its current form in a month’s time. While the circumstances appear to be a bit hush hush due to ‘legal issues’, management “believe that the venue is to become some kind of cheesy, themed restaurant…”

This is yet another blow to Sydney’s live music scene in the wake of the Excelsior Hotel pulling the plug on live bands recently, but the managers are encouraging punters to show their heads for the last month of shows to ensure they go out with a bang. A statement from the management says:

So you’ve probably heard by now that we’re being forced from our current home. We can’t really go into the reasons due to ongoing legal action but needless to say, we’re copping a good ol fashion Sydney shafting which is only too common place for our poor battered music community.

While we are desperately searching for a new home, we have just taken a severe financial hit so if we are to survive at all, we need your help.

There is talk of a fundraiser at some stage but in the short term, please support our last month of events so we can stay solvent and hopefully move onto bigger and better things.

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