Australian drummer Kye Smith has become something of an internet sensation thanks to his ‘5 Minute Drum Chronology’ series, in which he plays the entirety of a band’s catalog, front to back — no matter how extensive — in five minutes.

One of Smith’s most popular chronologies took on alternative music legends Nirvana. Apparently, the surviving members of the band (or, well, their social media manager) approves of Smith’s hard work, because they shared the video on their official Facebook page.

“Nirvana paved the way for a lot of punk bands to be able to gain commercial success and become more accessible,” Smith wrote on YouTube. “Without them I may not have found this music and probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing today.”

Thanks to Nirvana’s share, what Smith is doing today was potentially seen by more than 28 million people, almost 12,000 of whom liked the video and more than 2,000 of whom shared it with their friends – that’s some serious airtime for an independent Aussie artist.