Australian electronic duo Chymes have received a wealth of praise overnight after monolithic Korean boy band BTS tweeted their ethereal track ‘Dreaming’.

The band have taken to Facebook and Twitter to share their excitement over the whirlwind occurrence, noting that the track had stormed the Koren charts since the track was recommended, proving unmatched the power of pop fandoms.

BTS tweeted a screenshot of the track just under 12-hours ago, amassing over 720 thousand likes and 240 thousand retweets since its initial share.

“wow… woke up this morning to thousands of notifications after Jungkook from BTS tweeted our song #Dreaming. this is literally a DREAM. thank you soooo much #JK and the #BTSarmy for your support this is insane,” said Chymes in a Facebook post.

The BTS Army have shown an outpouring of support for the act overnight, taking to social media to share their praise of the track. Check out some of the praise from the rabid fanbase below:

Chymes have since noted that they’re planning on putting together a BTS cover – a very savvy move considering the hyper-engagement of BTS’ fanbase who keep track of each member’s actions with a fervent passion.

Chymes’ released the whimsical ‘Dreaming’ earlier this year, first bursting onto the scene with the 2016 EP Grow. The duo consisting of Kiersten Nyman and Cameron Taylor’ noted that ‘Dreaming’ is about “the euphoric feeling when you experience something that feels larger than life.”

“Like coming up with an exciting idea or falling in love and how you find yourself being whisked away to another world”

Listen: Chymes’ ‘Dreaming’

BTS have received a wealth of recognition in pop music outside Korea in recent times, touring Australia last year to mass hysterics. The band released a YouTube Red documentary not long ago, chronicling their mass success over the last few years as well as backstage footage of their most recent tour.

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