We’re Avaberée– made up of friends Aimee, Genevieve and Irena. We have just released a new single ‘Running Out’ and are writing this from our tour van, about to play the 6th show of our co-headline tour with Sydney friends ILUKA.

Crafted with the help of friend and producer, Matthew Redlich, ‘Running Out’ has been described as “ a moment of growing up. Rather than sticking to a safe path, the band have explored and defined their sound, delving back into their 80s influences to create a track that tips its hat to Kim Wilde and Deborah Harry while attacking modern territory inhabited by Ladyhawke, Cat Power and Asta. They have taken their many influences and turned them on their head, adding a touch of synth, a pinch of innovation, a tablespoon of 2013 and a whole lot of Brisbane.

Scenario: It’s 2073 and your grandchildren want to know how you started Avaberée. What would the story go like?

60 years ago, when we were in high school, we started mucking around and wanted to be the Australian version of Destiny’s Child – ha ha. We entered a talent competition as a means of making some extra cash, but it got called off. We started writing original songs and played some gigs around Brisbane and the rest is pretty much history!

Your live harmonies are impeccable and you’re all in perfect sync with one another. Did this synchronisation come naturally?
It definitely came with time.. we all had the same music teacher throughout high school and sung in choirs a lot together which helped too!

In the past you’ve covered the likes of Justin Timberlake, Dizzee Rascal and The Killers, so it seems you have quite a diverse range of influences. What kind of artists do you all listen to?

We listen to a heap of different styles of music! In terms of direct influences for our own sounds though..We love the electronic and minimalist elements of James Blake, looping and vocal experimentation that Kimbra has explored and definitely harmonies from Fleet Foxes, Simon & Garfunkle, and Fleetwood Mac.

What’s been the best outtake the bedroom jams you put on YouTube?

There’s always something like phone’s ringing or mum yelling that dinner is ready in the background…

Let’s talk about the new single, ‘Running Out’! It has a distinctly ‘80s vibe about it. What inspired this synthed-up direction?

It all came together in the studio really.. the original demo of the song was quite stripped back. When we started working on it, we were listening to Fleetwood mac a lot at the time and mucking around with different synth sounds that the Prophet 08 has to offer. We were just picking sounds that worked togetheri.. as the song progressed we started to realise that it was pretty 80’s / dancey and liked that!

This month you’re embarking on your biggest tour to date. Three weeks straight of touring is quite a long time, so what kind of things do you get up to when you’re on the road?

Answering Q and A’s….. listening to music… scoping out cute places to eat and get coffee, bit of op shopping. In port Macquarie we stayed in a back packers and played a lot of pre-show ping-pong / beerpong.

For those who haven’t been to one of your live shows before, how would you describe them?

A whole heap of lady harmonies looped and layered over synth and beats!

Do you have any backstage rituals?

Shots! No, just kidding. We normally do a few lame choir style vocal warm ups and bask in each other’s embrace to calm the ol’ nerves.

‘Fess up – what was the first ever gig you went to? No-one will judge.

Fine.. The Wiggles, I wore the Dorothy tail to the shops afterwards. Then Red Hot Chilli Peppers when we were 13. It was awesome.

If you could collaborate with any Australian artist, who would you choose and why?

Gotye – that would be incredible.. we’re big fans of everything he represents and love his work.

What’s in store for the rest of 2013 for Avaberée? Have you had a chance to peek at your schedule?

After this tour, we’re heading straight back to the studio to finish of our EP! And then tour it :)

Avaberée Tour Dates

Friday, 9 August
(with Bec Sandridge)

Saturday, 10 August
(with Elle May) [18+]

Sunday, 11 August

Saturday, 17 August

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