Say what you will about Barack Obama’s policies and the state of US government (and if you’re Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine you’d be saying quite a lot), but there’s no denying the man’s got pretty good taste in music.

The US President has previously voiced his love for a range of music. Picking a range of acts from oldies like Frank Sinatra and Aretha Franklin, hip-hop’s finest in Jay-Z and Kanye West; plus the classics like Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen.

The latest addition to the leader of the free world’s iPod is forthcoming Falls Festival players, Two Door Cinema Club, who are currently on their own campaign trail in the lead-up to the release of sophomore album, Beacon.

According to UK’s The Sunthe US President booked almost every seat to one of their October shows as a treat to his staff, prompting the band – frontman Alex Trimble, bassist Kevin Baird and guitarist Sam Halliday – to book a second date at the city’s 9.30 Club to accomodate for fans on top of Obama and his cabinet.

A ‘source’ told The Sun: “Alex was delighted to hear their US gig had been practically booked out by Barack and his team. He thinks it’s mad the President of the United States has their tunes on his iPod. You can’t get a much bigger fan than that.”

Obama’s music fandom is well-known, he’s made music headlines many times already – whether its jamming on the news with the legendary Roots crew or getting up to sing with blues legend BB King and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger at a White House event, following his impromptu performance of Al Green’s soul classic ‘Let’s Stay Together’ at a fundraiser earlier this year.

Still, he’s not always loved back by the music community, but there’s especially no love for the US President from Dave Mustaine.

The wildly outspoken Megadeth frontman recently railed against Obama at a concert in which he accused the President of “staging” the recent shootings in America – such as the horrific Colorado Movie Massacre and the Milwaukee incident at a Sikh temple – as a conspiracy to promote Obama’s gun control agenda.

In related news, Two Door Cinema Club have made their new record, Beacon, available to stream online in full ahead of its September 7 release date. It is the band’s second full-length album following their 2010 debut Tourist History and you can hear it in full below.

Just picture Obama shuffling along or nodding his head to the indie-pop beats and it’s that much better. Personally, we’re gonna take a stab and say his favourite tracks are “Handshake” and “The World Is Watching”.

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