Looking for high quality live rock music? Then look no further than Basement Apes Live – 1.

Basement Apes Live is an online streaming service that takes two Melbourne bands each week and invites them to play a live, unrehearsed, raw set.

Subscribers then receive an MP3 of the jam that has been professional mixed and mastered; but now they have created a compilation for the world to hear.

The album is definitely for the rock enthusiast, as track after track brings the listener another raw rock sound.

Though it is all rock, the record still has that balance of chill tracks (Seedy Jeezus – How Ya Doin’), along with ones to get your heart pumping and your head rockin’ (The Superguns – The Superguns Must Die).

King Parrot’s ‘Silly Ol’ Mate’ is a bit of a change up, with some heavier and harsher vocals which could be either off putting or interesting, depending on your musical preferences.

There are also some killer riffs featured in Eletrick Dynamite’s ‘Love is Fire’ and My Left Boot’s ‘Summer Song’.

In a world where auto-tuned, over-produced music is the norm, this compilation brings you back to what real musicianship, real music and real rock is all about.

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