The Sunday Herald-Sun’s music reporter Nui Te Koha suggests that promoters are currently duking it out to secure the services of Eminem for an Australian tour over summer. He reckons that the Big Day Out is vying to successfully bid for a tour, with some pretty hefty sums being bandied about.

According to Te Koha’s sources, Marhall Mathers III is tossing up between doing the big day out or his own series of stadium or arena dates in December. With the summer touring schedule already rammed, it’s a wonder that promoters can even find venues with dates spare in December, and with virtually only three months to go before summer kicks off, it’s not a long lead time time to market such an expensive act in a calendar that is already chockers.

So what’s Slim Shady gonna do? Well, we can look to the UK where Eminem headlined the V Festivals in Essex and Stafforshire over the weekend, playing a 25 track set at each site. For his troubles, our ever reliable mates at The Sun in London reckon that he received a cool £1 million for each gig.

Their ever reliable unnamed sources say that he’s more inclined to take the easy payday of drive-by festival gigs rather than going to all the bother of an actual tour, suggesting “Eminem is a smart guy. Him and his management know they’ll make cash quicker and without the hassle of organising and promoting gigs. He has few overheads. He only needs roadies and a DJ.”

With that in mind, if promoters Lees & West can afford the sackfuls of cash, we might be wanting to add Mr Mathers to our likely list of Big Day Out starters. The BDO line up ins announced in September.

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