Over the weekend, Behemoth executed a special livestream performance that saw the band play at a secret church in Poland, ‘In Absentia Dei’. 

Behemoth frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski recently sat down with Mosh Talks to discuss how the band got permission to play at the church and religions waning hold over Poland.

“It’s a secular building by now. It’s secularized – I guess that’s the proper term for when the sacral buildings become secular. And yeah, you can pretty much do whatever you want with it,” he shared.

“You’re from the UK, so it’s no news for you. I know it for the fact, and every time I’m in the UK or US, one of the biggest things I’m jealous about your country is… let’s say, on the evolutional level, you’re 20 years ahead of Poland.

“So eventually, I think we’re gonna get there, where churches will serve more meaningful purposes – and that’s what I call it, a meaningful purpose. Because obviously, the amount of believers, they’re just melting down.

“There’s less and less people that are interested in just going to church because religion has been in an ongoing continual crisis of beliefs, which only makes me happy.” Nergal is a devout and outspoken Satanist. 

“In Poland, it’s a sacrilege, it’s a taboo; the church is a Christian Catholic thing. We got some Orthodox and some other stuff, but 98% of buildings are still active, sacral, and they’re all endorsed by country.

“They’re all endorsed by tax money, which is fucking insane, but hey, this is politics, so let’s just put it aside. I want to focus on the fact that there are apparently some churches in Poland that are no longer in use for their initial purposes.

“And you can do whatever the fuck you want in those spots, so yeah, we want to do whatever the fuck we want on that very event.”