On Tuesday, 10th September, humankind will be coming together to mark World Suicide Prevention Day, with various and important events going down throughout the week. One such event will be a two-hour live-stream broadcast from I’m Listening, which will see blink 182 members address their personal struggles with mental health.

In an exclusive preview of the broadcast from AltPress, we see Travis Barker and Mark Hoppus tapping back into the powerful narrative of seminal hit Adam’s Song as they open up to push back against the stigma surrounding open and honest discussion around mental health.

Featured within the folds of Enema Of The State, Adam’s Song is one of the most recognisable songs from the trio. The serious and hard hitting moment was made even more striking given the bands penchant at the time to be, well, anything but.

20 years after its release, Barker and Hoppus explain it’s just as important than ever before.

“‘Adams Song’ was a very personal song for me.” Hoppus says in the preview, “It was written about being lonely on tour and then coming home and being lonely when I got home. I still feel that way sometimes, so for me ‘Adams Song’ is just as important now as it was.”

Hoppus, who explains “light is the best cleanser” of mental struggles is brutally open about his own situation, admitting that even after all these years on the road, returning home after performing in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans can leave him feeling vulnerable.

“I’m in a lot better place now than I was when I wrote the song, but I think people go —for me specifically, I go through cycles of feeling great about everything, and I go through cycles where I doubt everything and fall into some kind of dark hole, and music always takes me out of that.”

The broadcast will go down on Sunday morning for North American viewers and will run for two uninterrupted hours. As well as blink, we can expect to hear from Halsey, Korn, Rise Against, Tegan And Sara, Disturbed, Lizzo and Shaun Mendez.

You can watch the preview, shared exclusively via AltPress below.

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