Deck the halls, load up the stockings and fire up the smoke machines, this year we’re having a blink-182 Christmas and nobody is going to stop us now.

It looks like right before the year ends, blink-182 want to bless us with some festive tunes, and we really can’t complain at this gift.

In a new interview with Hannah Stocking, Travis Barker revealed that blink has recorded a Christmas song – and that he’s pretty excited by it. When asked by Hannah what he’s been listening to lately, Travis shared “…Lil Wayne, and this Christmas song that I just made with my band blink-182.”

Dead giveaway right there. The best thing about Christmas songs is that they come out around November-December, which is right now. Looks like we’ll be seeing new blink-182 music in no time.

This reveal of brand new Christmas music also ties into the fact that blink-182 were teasing a brand new EP before the end of 2019. Big money on a very blinky Christmas.

In an interview back in June, Travis revealed that blink had recorded a song with Lil Uzi Vert, and shared, “It’s not gonna come out on the album – it’s gonna come out probably on the EP that comes later this year. But blink just did a song with Uzi, that’s the most mind-blowing thing ever – with Pharrell.”

He continued “So you have these things now where like, where Uzi is out at Pharrell’s studio and he’s like ‘yo I just did this song with blink’, so Uzi is like ‘I gotta get on that’. So it’s almost coming full circle, but maybe it’s not coming full circle in rock – it’s actually affecting a whole other genre of music.”

Let us never forget that while we may be excited for blink-182 Christmas music, this isn’t their first foray into the genre.