The number-one name in music publishing is teaming up with the country’s most attended music festival with a national first in Australian music history – and we’ve got everything you need to know about their exclusive Bluesfest Rolling Stone VIP tickets, available now. 

In case you missed it, Rolling Stone Australia just launched online Feb. 3, and is expecting to hit newsagents May 2020. Thanks to the help of the award-winning Bluesfest, this launch will be getting a massive push in the right direction, with VIP rewards available for you.

Live at Bluesfest, Rolling Stone will host its official launch party, dubbed “Karaoke with the Stars”. At the launch party, Bluesfest performers will cruise the stage and sing karaoke through the night with guests.

This exclusive launch party can only be accessed with a VIP ticket, and trust us, you will not want to miss a single moment.

To get on the inside, it’s as simple as buying a Rolling Stone VIP ticket at Bluesfest.

What’s more is you’ll be granted access to backstage tours, letting you get closer to your favourite artists than ever before.

The Rolling Stone VIP ticket is a $250 add-on to the Bluesfest VIP ticket.

All Rolling Stone VIPs receive:

1. Invite to the exclusive “Karaoke with the Stars” launch party hosted by Allen Stone! Bluesfest artists will sing Karaoke with the crowd.

Ever wanted to join your favourite artist in an intimate singalong? This is your chance. Get ahold of your metaphorical Golden Ticket and you’ll be laughing. (Perhaps Patti Smith will be laughing alongside you, you’ll never know unless you take the chance.)

2. A backstage tour of Bluesfest

Take a sneak peek behind the curtains of Bluesfest. Just stay away from the Fizzy Lifting Drink yeah?

3. A side-of-stage experience at Bluesfest

It’s one thing to scream for your favourite artist from the sea of faces in the crowd, but imagine cheering them on from the side of the stage? Now that’s something to brag about.

4. Access to a free charge station and cloakroom

We’ve all been there; you’re at a festival, your phone’s dead and you’re trying to find your friends with smoke signals and bird calls, luckily with the Rolling Stone VIP ticket, you’ll get to text your friends from a phone that reads “100% Charge”. Now that is ultimate bliss.

And need to ditch that jacket or grab your nighttime fit? The VIP cloakroom has you covered.

5. An exclusive Rolling Stone x Bluesfest 2020 t-shirt

Fashion isn’t cheap, and limited edition fashion is even more expensive to get your hands on. Be part of a fashion movement with this killer merch.

6. A special Rolling Stone VIP lanyard

“Coming through! Rolling Stone VIP! Move aside, Move aside!”

7. A 2020 annual Rolling Stone magazine subscription

Rolling Stone straight to your door. Exclusive interviews, never-before-seen content with the artists you love, all in the palm of your hands.